Catty (nka Kira)
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Age : 1 to 4
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Catty, an 18-month old, black girl with a tuxedo chest, has been surrendered to NCGL through no fault of her own. She is a very sweet girl with a constant smile and winning way. She rides quietly in the car.

We are told that she does well with the other dogs, children and anyone who has a hand to pet her. She has never lived with cats and has not been small dog tested.

We do not have much information on this little one yet, so stay tuned for details as they are revealed.

Foster Update 2019-05-29

Catty is proving to be an utter love with people. Have not had small kids around yet.

She is amazing with all sizes of dogs.  She is very playful with any dog willing to play, and very gentle with the little ones when playing.

Have no cats to test her with but can probably arrange if it becomes important.

She will chew anything she can wrap her teeth around. Particularly likes to chew tables, chairs, wooden ledges. She is learning what ‘no’ means.

She crates beautifully at night. Quiet as a mouse all night. But not so quiet if she needs to be tucked away when we are up and about. Occasionally if she can’t be watched (due to the chewing) she will be crated in the daytime for a short period (a grocery run) and she is most unhappy with that. Screams relentlessly. The early signs of separation anxiety. Never at night though. Not a single peep at night. The chewing and crate are very minor and will work themselves out.

She has excellent potty manners, no house accidents, and very quickly figured out the dog door.

She is a lovely gentle sweet easy girl. Very confident. Very smart. Learns very quickly.

Have not had extended leash walks, just a bit here and there. She is good on lead, enthusiastic about everything, but doesn’t pull you over.

I suspect she will not work well as an only dog where the people are out at work all day. She will eventually grow out of the teenage chewing with some supportive correction, but at this stage needs to be watched or safely contained. Her volume is extreme if she is unhappy.

She is incredibly sweet. And so smart.

Catty will have a vet visit next week for an exam and vaccines at which time her spay surgery will be scheduled. She will be available for adoption after her recovery.

Foster Update 11June19

All is going well. Catty’s spay surgery is scheduled for June 21st and following some recovery time should be available for adoption on or around July 5th.

She continues chewing on almost everything in sight and if the area is sprayed, she finds a new place to chew. We are hoping that she will grow out of this since she is still a young puppy and chewing is what they all do in the early stages.

She is walking like a dream on leash.

She is fine loose with other dogs if we are out (other than chewing) but if crated screams and howls. Yet she tucks herself into her crate at night and sleeps quiet as a mouse until we get up.

We are not sure how she would do if she was without people or dogs during the day. Likely not well. So, her forever home would be best where there are people home to work with her on her separation anxiety. Another dog and fenced area to play would be desirable.

Still wonderful with dogs of all sizes and all people too. We love her. She is almost perfect.