Chapter : TBD
Breed : TBD
Arrival Date:
Date Of Birth :
Adopted Date :
Age : Senior
Gender : TBD
Weight : TBD

Cassie is healthy and up to date on shots. She’s booked for a dental in August which will be covered by NCGL but is available for adoption!

Cassie is a 8 year old Greyhound x Lab with a sweet loving personality! It looks as if someone has taken the head of a sweet 6 month old lab puppy and glued it onto the long skinny body of a greyhound!

Cassie was surrendered to another local adoption group who asked if we had room for her in our program, we did! Cassie was surrendered due to no fault of her own. Cassie is awesome with kids, people, cats and with proper introductions – other dogs.

When Cassie meets new dogs she’s very, very, very scared of them and needs her people to help her understand that she’s not going to be hurt. Once introductions are done Cassie LOVES her doggie foster brothers and sisters!

Cassie is a super cuddly lover and needs a home that allows her in the bed and on the furniture. Cassie never messes in the house and does great in her crate! She is eager to learn and please her family!

We feel that Cassie wasn’t walked a lot in her previous home and due to this and her fear issues she needs to work on her leash manners. When Cassie sees another dog on her walks she will bark defensively and is a big time puller. While we’re doing our best to help Cassie learn some leash manners this is something that her new family will have to continue working on with her.