Candy – Just so sweet
Chapter : BC
Breed : Greyhound
Arrival Date: 06/25/2023
Date Of Birth : 01/10/2023
Adopted Date : 10/13/2023
Age : 1 to 4 yrs
Gender : Female
Weight : TBD

Candy is a recently surrendered Lower Mainland dog.  She is a 2 1/2 year-old female who her foster says is quiet at home and very calm on walks if you tell her to wait or stop.

Candy doesn’t bark much at home or outside, though sometimes when she sees another dog, she is generally friendly with other dogs and friendly with people.

Like previous Lower Mainland dogs we, Candy is learning to be an inside hound. And that you shouldn’t steal treats and food from the kitchen if left unattended.

While in foster, Candy will be seeing the vet for updates to her vaccinations, getting spayed and having her teeth checked.

And she loves to ride in the car.