Braska Damien (Ollie)
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Ollie was born February 20, 2014 and is a happy, friendly guy. He’s a people-pleaser and really tries to do what you want. He crates well and walks pretty well on lead. He enjoys rawhide bones. Watch him closely in the house initially as he may still have the urge to “mark” things.

Ollie did well in cat testing but has never lived with a cat. Use a muzzle initially and closely monitor all interactions.

He interacted well with the other Greyhounds and responded well when meeting Jack Russell Terriers. Caution should always be exercised, especially outdoors.


2020-02-03 Update

Ollie has returned to the NCGL foster community due to significant changes in his adopted family’s dynamics.

The foster family will update this information after they have got to know him better.

2020-02-16 Foster Update

We have had a pretty good week. Walks are going well though we definitely keep our distance from large dogs. We had a large dog behind an invisible fence come bouncing and barking at us and Ollie woofed once and pranced but that was it.

He is perfect in the house and will take treats from my hand now. He loves dashing and playing with his toys and has even done some zooming in the backyard.

While I am at work, Ollie hangs out in the family room or bedroom and seems perfectly content. He is a typical greyhound except his reaction to bigger dogs. I’m not sure if he will ever be brave but he certainly is lovable.