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Blinky is a very affectionate, lively fun girl that loves to go for walks, rides and play in the backyard.

She behaves very well on a “short” leash and seems to gain confidence by walking close to the person she is walking with. On a longer leash she tends to wander and has a few greyhound “stall” moments. Her prior owners had incidents with her being aggressive on a leash, especially when walking with another dog. The fosters have yet to find this difficulty, as she has walked with fosters’ dog most of the time, either with one or both fosters. When passing other dogs, she has never shown any reaction, but they have kept reasonable distance (5 to 6 feet) from other dogs and she seems to appreciate this.

Blinky has been fantastic around the foster’s Greyhound from day one. She follows his lead almost always. They have had a few growl exchanges, usually over a toy or Blinky’s over enthusiasm for play.

We attended one Greyhound Meet & Greet that she found a bit overwhelming. She was okay as long as foster was beside her and kept a 3 or 4 foot distance from the other greys. Although by the end she was allowing some of the greys to sniff her.

There seems to be one common thread throughout her day, and that is a need for reassurance and interaction; meaning petting, a snuggle, a kiss or rub on the head, many times a day.

If we had to sum up a common denominator for Blinky it would be an insatiable need for acceptance by the “pack” to the point of obsession. This is often demonstrated by pacing, jaw quivering, nipping, anxiety, incessant following and leaning ALL DAY LONG. This behaviour has improved quite a bit from the first few weeks, but definitely still comes to the forefront from time to time.

She goes into the kennel fairly willingly and has been able to stay quiet and sleep all night. (11 p.m. to 6 a.m.). We also kennel her when we are both gone and she has always been calm and quiet in the kennel. The longest we have been away has been 4 hours and everything has been fine.

The foster reports that they are having loads of fun with her. She is larger than life and has had them laughing hysterically at her silliness and goofy attitude. She is SO full of love and is hungry to feel that she truly belongs. We have no problem keeping her until the right forever family comes along and recognizes her unique character and ability to love so intensely.

She needs an owner that’s gentle but firm. Blinky is a very smart and curious girl that sometimes struggles with too much stimulation and needs a family willing to manage that for her.