Beau (Rambo)
Chapter : BC
Date Of Birth :
Small Dog Safe : Yes
Arrival Date: 10/25/2021
Age : 1 to 4 yrs
Kid Safe : Yes
Gender : Male
Weight : Large - 80 - 99 lbs
House Trained : Yes
Breed : Greyhound
Cat Safe : Cat Zapper
Special Needs : Yes

Big brindle hound Rambo, now called by the much more suitable Beau, came to us from the Lower Mainland in a two-dog surrender with Beauty (Jett). Beau is in foster in Saanich getting lots of walk with his two Greyhound buddies and learning house life and pack order (if you can’t work the can opener, you can’t be the boss).  Rambo is good with small dogs but is learning being too inquisitive isn’t always welcome. He does like things his way but is quick to learn house rules.

May 2022 Update: Beau is currently a forever foster due to his special needs. He arrived with serious dental issues that required surgery and is now being assessed for hip problems. Beau if friendly but has strong food guarding, is protective of his bed and has sleep startle. These reactions are very situation specific.