BD’s Nexus (Lexie)
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Age : Senior
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Lexie is a beautiful blonde broodie with sweet soulful eyes and ears that go every-which-way. She was born October 14th, 2004, had a few races and went on to raise some beautiful puppies before she retired and spent her days with her loving owner.

She’s a super sweet and gentle lady, great with cats and other dogs. She enjoys short walks, sunshine and sleeping the days away on a soft bed with her best friend Cable.

Lexie has a few health issues that come with her twilight years – her vision isn’t that great anymore and she’s not a huge fan of stairs or shiny floors. She’s had two strokes in the past that she’s recovered from but doesn’t let that get her down!

Lexie really loved her previous owner and was having a hard time dealing with her passing. She’s doing great now though and we’re happy to have her!

Lexie and Cable are looking for a family willing to look past their age, love them for the true treasures they are and give them a quiet home together to spend their remaining time in. They’re both great with cats, quiet and never mess in the house! They’re kept happy with lots of rubs, love, tasty meals and a warm bed to spend the day in.

We realize that taking on two seniors at once is a daunting task financially so NCGL is looking for a home for Lexie and Cable together through our “Forever Foster” program! In this program NCGL takes care of the vet bills, medications and all you have to do is cover their food, love them and treat them like one of the family!