Basanti (nka Santi)
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Age : 1 to 4
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Basanti, a 2-1/2-year-old black female has been surrendered to NCGL and we are still gathering information, so stay tuned.

She is a sweet girl, loving, likes snuggles, and car rides. But, she has a slightly aggressive side that is witnessed from time to time, particularly around other female dogs. She is not small dog safe or cat safe.  She will require a lot of guidance to gain confidence.

She walks quite well on leash although on her first trip to the big city was curious about her surroundings wanting to investigate both sides of the street at the same time. She has a good appetite and ate her dinner and breakfast, licking the bowl clean. There were no accidents in the house, and she slept beside the human’s bed not stirring until morning.

Basanti should probably be in a home with no dogs or cats. She will require concentrated efforts by her human which takes time and patience. Someone who is eager to take that time will ultimately find an attentive companion who will look to her human for assurance and improve every day along the way.


Foster update – 24Aug19

After several weeks in foster care, Basanti has developed into a fun-loving, affectionate dog.  She arrived into our care very unsure of herself, wary of other dogs, and feeling that she had to fight for her place in the world.  But she has proven to be a fast learner, and in just a few weeks she has come to realize that life in the outside world can be safe and enjoyable.

One of her new-found interests is the water.  After several refusals to even touch water at the beach, she finally followed her foster family’s greyhound into the lake, and immediately adopted swimming (well, wading) as a favourite sport.

Over time she has become comfortable enough with the foster family dog to play cautious tug-of-war and other games with stuffed toys.  This has been interesting because the family’s dog has never felt comfortable enough to play with any other dog.  Basanti loves exploring on walks and enjoys urban and forest walks equally.  She always enjoys meeting people.  The foster family has young grandchildren who she treats affectionately.

Basanti has learned and developed and will continue to progress.  Her development will require patience and persistence from her adopter.  Ideally, she needs a home that is experienced with dogs, preferably sighthounds.  She will thrive best when there is another dog in the household.  Our experience has been that she may not be immediately comfortable with the other dog but will soon learn to enjoy and rely on the other dog’s company.  She has been highly interested in rabbits and squirrels, and because of this we feel she should not share a home with a cat or a small dog.  Basanti is happiest when she has a chance for some high-speed running in a safe, enclosed area.

On walks her adopter will have to watch encounters with other dogs.  She is uncomfortable if another dog approaches her.  She has made impressive progress on this since she came to us, but she still often sees another dog as a threat, and at this point she should be kept at a distance.  We have worked on gradually exposing her to more and more dogs on walks while not overwhelming her.  This has paid off, and persistent work on her socialization will continue to make her more comfortable seeing other dogs.

The family that adopts Basanti will find her to be a loving, loyal dog.  Working with her on her fears can create a strong bond that will be rewarding for both her and her adopter.