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Age : 1 to 4
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Annie was rescued from a horrendous situation by another rescue group and was turned over to NCGL. We do not have any other information at the moment. She is currently loving life at her foster home.

She’s a sweet little thing, is great with cats, seems to be really good with other dogs and loves people.

We will get her spayed when safe (she’s finishing her heat) and will go for a grooming when they’re back from vacation.

Update – 02May2018

Annie is on medical hold until she can be spayed and has an adoption pending

Annie came from a bad situation in Northern Alberta. She was originally found skinny and covered in matts and feces. Thank god she had an amazing guardian angel take her in and nurse her back to health when her owner no longer wanted her.

We were contacted by this fabulous person and asked if we had room for this sweet little girl in our program – they felt that Annie would do better in a sight hound group who better knew the unique qualities of the breed. We were more than happy to take her into the family.

Annie will need to be spayed – she’s just finishing her heat cycle so will have to wait a bit and still needs to put on a bit of weight.

We want to thank the angel that took her in, her amazing foster mom who offered to take her into their home, so we could take her into our program.

Annie is currently being fostered in Alberta and will not be available until she’s spayed. Rumor is her foster mom is falling in love, so she may have already found her forever home!