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Age : 1 to 4
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Annie, is a 46 lb.growing puppy, born on May 1, 2018, and is a white Greyhound mix of some sort. Very little is known of her history as she was found under a bush in a church parking lot in Nebraska. She was held there for a few weeks and then came to Colorado. Annie’s spay was done prior to her arriving. Since Annie is still a puppy, she will need her distemper combo and rabies shots boosted in 1 year and then can go every 3 years.

Annie is a sweet tempered, fun little girl. she is a puppy though and she will find (and chew up!) anything you leave around. She has shown a fondness for electrical cords too. She has been excellent about housebreaking, but has had access to a dog door. She has only been crated for eating and short periods (1-2 hours) after that.

Annie lived with a cat in her previous foster home and reportedly did well. Being a youngster, she will be inclined to chase the cats if they run. This behaviour should be strongly discouraged.

Annie has done well with all the dogs – Greyhounds and other breeds. She is pretty respectful of the older dogs.