Hey Buddy!! Welcome to the NCGL family! Buddy is a lovely young boy (probably about 2) and just learning the ropes of living in a house. He was very stressed on his trip to his foster home but is slowly gaining confidence. He is becoming a better passenger when travelling in the car and gets along well with his two greyhound housemates. He is an anxious dog and will need a patient and calm hand to help him feel safe and secure.

He has good leash manners – no pulling until he sees another dog then he gets VERY excited and leaps, lunges and barks excitedly. Considering he is not a particularly large greyhound – he is very strong. He is also very excited by small creatures.

But when he feels secure he is a sweet and fun loving boy.  He is starting to play with stuffed toys and has recently developed the not uncommon greyhound habit of hoarding – he likes picking through the recycling box looking for cardboard to take back to his bed, and he has a fondness for cushions – especially when you’re using them!  That greyhound sense of humour seems to be coming out.

We would like Buddy to go to a quiet home experienced with anxious dogs.  Because he is so easily over-stimulated, Buddy really needs a quiet environment both inside and outside the home.

Buddy is currently ‘on hold’ as we continue to learn what he needs to make the most of his potential.

Buddy is being fostered in BC.