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In 2020 Northwest Canadian Greyhound League (NCGL) will be celebrating 20 years of helping sighthounds find loving families, and we have all of our amazing supporters, volunteers, foster homes and donors to thank. From July 1st, 2018 until now, we have taken in 111 greyhounds and greyhound mixes, 54 of which were owner surrendered hounds requiring full vetting.

Unfortunately, with the increased cost of fuel, dog food and vet care, NCGL has had to make the tough decision to increase our adoption fee. We have always worked hard to keep our adoption fee low but at this point we won’t be able to take in new dogs without some sort of additional income coming into the group. We help a lot of Canadian dogs who come from hunting, match racing and farm backgrounds.  These dogs are much more expensive to get ready for adoption than their racing cousins to the south. Canadian vet care is a lot more expensive than American vet care. This year we have seen dentals for some dogs creep up to over $2000 each, spays for female dogs usually range between $300 – $500 each in addition to vaccinations and the cost of worming. Although these Canadian dogs end up costing a lot more we feel that it’s important that we continue to help them.

Even the costs associated with taking in retired racing dogs have almost doubled in price for us and the agencies in the south who help vet and transport the dogs to us for adoption.  Dogs are having to be transported further to reach Canada and vet fees across North America are going up.

From July 1st, 2018 until now, NCGL has spent over $70,000.00 on our dogs which works out to over $600/per dog and we have 3 hounds in our care now that require serious surgeries as well as on-going care in our forever foster program.

So, with hopes of continuing to help even more hounds in the future we have raised our adoption fee for dogs aged 7 and under to $450 and our senior fee for dogs aged 8 and over to $350 effective November 1st, 2019, people who already have their applications in will be grandfathered in at our old pricing. After looking at the adoption fees from other non-profit organizations in our area and the ever-increasing costs of getting dogs ready for adoption, we feel this is a fair and reasonable adoption fee and hope you all feel the same. We will continue to work with our local vets to try to reduce the medical costs for the dogs and are always looking into new fundraising opportunities

Thank you so much for your support, we look forward to adopting out more amazing sighthounds in the future!

The Board of Directors
Northwest Canadian Greyhound League