Blixt (nka Sheep)
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Age : 5 - 7
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Sheep is a sweetheart. She may be a little unsure of things with the move and change, but once she gets used to things, she is very affectionate. She is a quiet, calm girl. Her name is a little odd, but it fits her and she knows it!

Cats: Sheep did well in cat testing, but has never lived with a cat. Use a muzzle initially, and closely monitor all interactions. When unable to monitor the interaction, some form of physical barrier should be used, i.e. crating.

Other Dogs: Sheep interacted well with the other greyhounds. Sheep responded well when meeting Jack Russell Terriers, but caution should always be exercised, especially outdoors.

Sheep developed an infection at her spay incision site so she is currently taking antibiotics for that. She is taking 2 Clavamox pills every 12 hours for 1 week.

She has been eating well and otherwise doing fine. Sheep has been eating ProPlan Performance formula dog food, with warm water added.