PA’s Caseyflyer (Casey)
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Very friendly 2 yr old, loves everyone, easily cat correctable, has not met any small dogs yet and is frightened of big hairy dogs. Loves children, sleeps uncrated through the night, loves to play so needs LOTS of toys.

Whelped 5/27/01….. Daleys Flyer* x Kc True Value

I thought I would give you an update on Casey and send you some pictures of her enjoying her new greyhound life. I think she is unbelievably cute and so I am sending these pictures to everyone I know which is what I am referring to when I say I have become an obnoxious Greyhound owner!! These shots are of Casey (oh and me too!!) up at Cypress Mountain on two separate occasions. She is having a grand old time cavorting in the snow! Casey is just a great dog and just a pleasure. Thank you again for finding me such a wonderful dog!