Skiddy Button (Erin)
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Skiddy Button (Erin)

Erin, who was born on July 29, 2007, arrived from Florida after having run 125 races, retiring at almost six years of the age. Erin has been living with her sibling Paddy for several years but has been returned to NCGL because of her owner’s health issues. NCGL would like to find a home that would take both she and Paddy into their care under the Forever Foster program.

Erin is a small female. She can be a picky eater, yet she maintains a good weight and is very fit for her age.  She enjoys pats and attention but is not needy.

Erin is very laid-back around the house and has friendly interactions with large dogs.  However, she is not small-dog safe, and she should be watched closely when encountering small dogs on walks.

While she has not been observed with cats, we understand she is not cat-safe.  Erin has been an enjoyable companion both with humans and their dogs.

Update – Erin has been taken into a forever foster home where he will live with a sibling Greyhound.