Super C Swayze (Swayze)
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Age : Senior
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Swayze loves everybody but especially men. He’s a bit like a freight train right now wanting to see and smell everything all at once. He is considered cat correctable and so far, has been fine with small dogs.

Foster update:

What a love-bug! So sweet and affectionate. Loves everyone. He is great with the other dogs, big and small. Not dominant, not submissive, just easygoing. He is a beautiful boy, very very handsome. He has a lot of white for a black dog! A big patch from his chin to his belly, white feet and hocks and tail tip. So far, he has slept like an angel in his kennel. No fussing, no troubles at all. He is very confident and is a great explorer, he checks out everything with the greatest of fascination. Somewhere he has learned to open doors that are not quite closed. He goes up on his hind feet and smacks the door with his front feet. I thought it was an accident the first time, he pushed open the bathroom door, but then he did it again, then he did the bedroom door, and went back and tried again when I closed them all the way…So funny! Nothing to worry about, outside doors open the other way! Just make sure to click the door to the dog food room closed! He is very smart, and so loving. What a great guy.

Swayze is great with dogs of all sizes. I don’t know about cats.


Foster Update 2018-11-10

Swayze, born on July 27, 2008, was returned to NCGL through no fault of his own. He had his vet check this morning and blood work is all good, well within normal for everything.  A sample from a rectum tumour was taken. No initial scary results on that but some unidentifiable cells so it needs to be sent away for pathology. Initial expectations are it’s benign. A visual dental exam shows that besides a clean and polish there is one possible extraction. He has now been updated on vaccines. Should never need any more in his lifetime as they are good for 3 years.

On a better note, Swayze is a lovely boy and we are happy to have him stay with us. The foster would like very much to keep him but with 4 seniors of their own the vet bills are mounting.

He loves walks but is fundamentally a relaxed couch potato. Loves loves, loves to meet new people. His jaw chatters and he quivers all over when he meets people.

Loves to go for vehicle rides. Barks with excitement at first then settles to some whines and teeth chattering with joy.

Loves his food and his stomach knows when it’s meal time and he will remind us with a whine or bark.

Whines to go out if he needs to but has incredible ‘holding’ capability.

Very loving. Loves to lay with his head on your lap.

He has no bad habits. He is just a sweet easy loving boy.