BB’s Mr. Hardbody (Scooby)
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71 lb male whelped 27 June 2001. Aka Dune, a small fawn, slightly shyer than Jimmy, cat/small dog trainable.

Update: He is great on shiny/slippy floors and is awesome on stairs. He is great with all dogs.

This young man is a relaxed, happy fellow who is going to make someone a wonderful pet. He likes other dogs, hasn’t shown interest in cats around the neighborhood. He is very interested in my parrot.

Dune walks very nicely on the leash. He learns new things quickly and joyfully especially when food is involved.

Here is a recent picture of Scooby (Dune) and his sister Nu Shen. They are the best of friends and you pretty much can’t see one without the other….

Scooby is a wonderful guy. He can “sit, shake a paw, lay down, speak and catch fuzzies…..and get in trouble”.

He loves to pull my bed apart if he can’t have something his way, RIGHT AWAY! He puts his bum on my pillows to annoy me….then he smiles when I ask him “WHATS THIS?” as I point at the pillows. Then I stomp my feet to show authority, so he snaps his teeth at me at me to show he’s not scared!!! He is just a lil BRAT!

But, I love him so much. He is very happy and kinda spoiled. He sleeps with his HEAD on my pillow every night…he is so snuggly. My two sons just love him too…they want him to jump the Greyhound bus to come visit (at the coast)….however we haven’t quite worked out all the details yet. Anyway, we are all a happy family.