Just Jane (Jane)
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Very sweet..little reserved but will approach quietly, tail down but-a-waggin’. She took a bit to settle down (whimpering and pacing), but right now she’s lying down in her kennel with the door open and her head hanging out.

Good with dogs, seems to really like children (our tenants happened to be having a birthday party for their 1 year old daughter!).

She has a tremendous set of white choppers on her, and once and a while she’ll get excited over something (usually food) and start bouncing around like a ham and jumping up..I sense that she will be a good candidate for counter surfing and a little general trouble causin’.

So far good with Kitties too! They met nose to nose for a second with Jane’s ears down and relaxed and as the cat walked away, she watched but not with much interest. I think definitely trainable if not safe. We’ll see what she does when they go whizzing by chasing each other down the hall.