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Age : 1 to 4
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Mirach is a happy, friendly guy who likes stuffed animals and chewies. He did well in cat testing but has not yet lived with a cat.

He had both testicles successfully removed from his abdomen and they should not cause any problem although he may be sore around the incision site for a few more weeks.

Day 1: Mirach (Merak) (Beta Andromedea, “Bright Star”) is a happy, shy, obedient almost three-year-old. He is afraid of loud noises, bangs & clangs and will hide if you drop something.

He gets along fine with the Greys but won’t go near any other dogs, preferring to hide behind whoever is holding his leash. He will also stand back from humans he doesn’t know but will warm up eventually. It will take some time for Mirach to settle into his new home but once he does, he will make the perfect pet for any low key family.


Time has come for Vanessa to say goodbye to Mirach just shy of his 13th birthday.. they were together for 10 years. He was her Rock; always by her side through thick and thin. Keep Vanessa and Mirach in your hearts and prayers through these troubling times……