CL Flush (Zoey)
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Age : 1 to 4
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She is also extremely friendly, but seems to take a moment to assess the situation. She got along very well with all the other dogs (was snuggling with our boy, Guy, one afternoon). She really enjoys herself and is a lot of fun and very fun loving! Often she would be playing by herself with a stuffed toy or on her back, rolling around, goofing around. She remembered us from our first visit, or so we like to think. Our sense is that she is really going to be a terrific pet, especially for someone who is active. She would probably do fine in a home with children.

She does need to be watched as she can be protective of people.

Update: Flush has settled nicely into the household and has been bouncy, friendly and loving with everything and everyone she has met so far. Learned the stairs in one day and leaves the kitty alone but finds the guinea pig and chickens very interesting. Shy initially, but now takes all the affection you can give her.