Unruly Waffle (Waffle)
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Age : 1 to 4
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57 lb red fawn female, 4 years old. More info once she arrives.

Waffle is wonderful. She is learning to play with other dogs, and she does have a voice on her especially when we leave to off leash park,.She barks from one end to the other while in the vehicle on the way home but very quiet while in the park.

She definitely is a couch potato and lies on her back with all fours up in the air. In the morning she jumps on the bed, straddles me and tries to lick my face.

Barley (the cat) just more or less ignores or sniffs her feet and sometimes they are nose to nose. Twister (the other cat) is not impressed, Waffle can’t get within 2 feet of him and he starts to hiss, but they are all coping well.

I can’t be out of Waffle’s sight for very long before she is hunting for me. No doors are shut to any of the animals so I always have any where from 4-6 eyes in my direction at one time.

Waffle is settling very well. She does not tell me she has to go yet, I have to guess when she needs to go. I do want to take her to obedience class when we get a chance, but right now we are learning about each other and having fun. She gets to go for a good run a few times a week, now she runs for fun and she loves it.