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Nine years old, Queenie is very submissive and will lie on the floor with a HUGE smile when you approach her. She loves to be cuddled and returns affection with lots of tail wagging. She is learning to live with cats and does well with other dogs. Queenie is back with us through no fault of her own, her new people discovered they had allergies.

Updated profile: She loves to nuzzle and get in real close, she wags her tail so hard she twists around when she gets some lovin. She’s a collector and when I get home from work to feed her or let her out she has a pile waiting for me on the couch (shoes, a dishtowel, a magazine, socks) She doesn’t really like anyone to watch her eat, she’s a little shy that way. If there’s too much happening with people around she’ll find a nice closet to hide in, or she’ll go in her kennel as a last resort.

She likes kids and smiles at everyone and she ignores cats. She really is a good girl. Oh yeah she likes chewies, she chewed up her track collar on the second day here so I keep her supplied with rawhide chews and she won’t take treats from my hand. I have to leave them near her and walk away, like I said she doesn’t like to have people watch her when she eats.