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Age : 1 to 4
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Well Chrissy has made herself a very loving and cuddly part of her foster family home. She plays well with her canine companions and shows little interest now in the cats of the house (supervision with cats until she knows them).

She completed a 7 week Beginner obedience class with flying colours. Her confidence has improved with leaps and bounds, which helped her real personality, come through. She loves nothing better than to relax & snuggled up with her person or canine pal.

Chrissy is excellent on leash and loves to walk with her person side by side. She has also walked on a double leash & off leash with other canine pals and loves the companionship, and lets you know with a big smile and tail wag! Chrissy has been socialized with dogs from small to large daily since being in foster and has gone from a shy girl to a social butterfly and would do best with another canine companion in her forever home.

Chrissy loves her car rides and is figuring out that if she lies down she won’t tumble around. When her person goes for a bike ride, she loves to run beside them on leash and its great exercise for her. She still shows slight signs of separation anxiety but has been left alone and gated for 6 hours and did very well. She will let you know how much she missed you with kisses & bounces!

Chrissy would do best in a home where she is not alone all day while her owner is at work. She is on a very natural & healthy diet that she loves and thrives on. Anyone who gives Chrissy a forever home will be very fortunate to have her.