Kmax Dunkin John (Vlad)
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Age : 5 - 7
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Very friendly 6 yr old, likes being with people, very affectionate. He is a real snuggler. He is a major “cockroacher” and loves to lie upside down with all 4 feet straight up in the air.

Completely safe with small and large dogs, cats, children, even chickens. John needs a home that will brush his teeth daily as he’s had to have a lot pulled and doesn’t want to lose anymore.

John loves to stand in a kiddie pool. Whelp date 6/18/97 – Dutchman’s Baron x Santa Fe Slip.

John was adopted and returned through no fault of his own. His new family’s other dog growled at him constantly and refused to accept him and this upset him so much he refused to eat.

One year ago today Vlad came into our lives, and what a year it has been. Vlad has truly opened up like a beautiful big flower. He is always happy to see me if I go out for an hour or a minute. He enjoys his morning walks a lot. Vlad comes to my side of the bed and whines for me to get up and go for a walk, I can usually put him off for 15 extra minutes but no longer, then he moves to the hall where I cannot reach him and starts barking, then we know it is serious and the walk must start.

Him and Comet are good buddies, and all the cats love him. He welcomes the dogs to the dog day care and doesn’t mind too much as long as they don’t stay too long. He believes everyone wants to greet him and give him hugs, and is very disappointed when people walk or run by us on our walks and don’t stop to talk to him even though he is making low rumbling noises in his throat and twisting his body around. I tell him he is actually scaring people, but he continues to do so.

He has never done one thing ‘wrong’ since he arrived, which I find incredible and not that surprising once you get to know him as he is such a people-pleaser. I don’t think he has gained a pound since you last saw him, he eats very well but must have good metabolism.