Gracie (Gramma)
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Age : Senior
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A 10 yr old female.

Update: She is doing great. Not a single night time accident (no meds at all), and no signs at all of any urinary of health problems. She had a check-up, she is in great health. She eats well, sleeps like a log, and has been on a couple long hikes (she was great!) lots
of neighborhood walks,

She walks like an angel on a leash. She has spent time with small kids (7+)and loves them. Fine with the cat, just pays no mind to him. She did not have much of a reaction to the other dogs at first, ignored them mostly, but she is now starting to interact, has had a couple backyard races with Brim and tried to play with a Schnauzer house guest.

She likes to play “I’m gonna get you” with her humans, and still has lots of zip left for running and walks.

Very sweet and loving. Nothing negative has surfaced at all, quite the opposite. She so much wants to be loved for the rest of her life, she is a doll.

Adoption fee waived to the right loving home.