Beatin Heart (Charlie)
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55 lb female, whelp date 6/14/00.

Heart is doing very well. She is fine with wood and linoleum floors and is still a bit cautious about carpet, but she’s discovered it’s pretty soft to lie on. It took only a few trips up and down to get the hang of the stairs.

Is cat safe, except that we haven’t seen her reaction yet to running cats. She is doing really well. She’s shy around other dogs, and doesn’t like it at all if they bark near or at her. She likes Rodeo, however, and knows how to put him in his place.

She has a healthy appetite and is still eating the same amount as Rodeo. We’ll begin cutting back when we are no longer able to play the xylophone on her rib-cage.

She is also starting to play and is doing the grinning thing regularly. She is more agile and can beat Rodeo over short distances, and both she and Rodeo are gaining muscle in their rear ends. Rodeo isn’t used to being caught, and was actually upset when she kept up with him once.

Charlie is enjoying life with her new brother Rodeo Patrol.