JR’s Big Rooster (Roo)
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74 lb male, whelp date 3/2/99.

Rooster is a BIG, strong, happy, goofy boy. Just fun loving and ready to go go go! When he got into a fenced area, he chased, wrestled and played with his foster brother (smaller border collie) for a good 25 mins. solid, and was still wanting to keep going..he actually tired the border collie out!

Big goofy Rooster lives with us in Calgary now and what joy he’s brought to our lives! He’s so full of spunk in the morning it just cracks me up. He loves to fetch those squeeky toys and play the “I’m-runnin’-straight-for-ya…but-I’m-gonna-deek-ya-out-at-the-last-second” game. His best trick so far is jumping up off the ground with all four legs and catching a treat in mid air. This guys is very well suited for our active lifestyles. His affection is such a reward, I just hope that we’ve improved his life as much as he’s improved ours.