Wind Dancer (Dancer)
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Wind Dancer is a lovely nine year old with a sweet grey face. She’s quiet and lovable, and waiting for a gentle home with lots of love.

Foster update: She is really wonderful. She has had not a single issue. She is calm and gentle, sweet and loving. She is starting to try to play, not quite sure how to go about it but the desire is there. She has not had one single bathroom issue, just knows to go outside only and has incredible bladder control.

At first she howled when I left her but now that she is secure and knows we are returning she is fine. Never had to be crated or muzzled. Great at Doggie daycare, socializes well with dogs of all breeds and sizes, doesn’t play but likes to “meet n’ greet.

Loves to be stroked and rubbed, not jumpy or shy. Great with my young niece and nephew. Is not cat safe. Walks like a dream on a leash and loves our mountain hikes. Lays down calmly on car rides. She has developed some arthritis in her hip and her wrists and should go to a home that does not have a lot of stairs.

Wind Dancer is currently on a medical hold and not available for adoption.

Sunday, December 14, 2003. Beautiful, sweet, gentle Wind Dancer crossed over. Her time with us was much to short but we tried to love her so much she would think she had always been warm, safe and loved. She left us at home, in her warm soft bed, her head resting trustingly on my lap. Although we knew it was to be, it was still not expected. She had stumbled and braced
herself with her bad leg/hip which somehow did some internal damage. We gave her some time and pain medication to see if it would ease, it was not to be.

The Vet helped her to cross gently into the light. I don’t think she wanted to leave us, this was heaven to her, now she knows it can be even better. Our lovely Dancer is running on the Wind, joyfully, painlessly, for that we are grateful. Our family was blessed to be able to love and be loved by such a gentle soul, she holds a place with us forever. Please send out your thoughts and prayers to Wind Dancer for a good journey. When you feel the wind in your face, think of our lovely girl, and all the others who are running with her.

Thanks to all for your kind thoughts and prayers, Anette, Kaylee, Bea, Brimstone, Jingo, Whispurr, and all the others who love her.