Okie Kieran (Kieran)
Chapter : TBD
Breed : TBD
Arrival Date:
Date Of Birth :
Adopted Date :
Age : TBD
Gender : TBD
Weight : TBD

Retired from a cracked hock, very outgoing,bubbly, friendly, not cat safe, 3.5 yrs old. Whelped 7/27/99 … Montechina x Okie Rochelle

Back with us due to chewing when left alone uncrated or unmuzzled.

Foster update

Kieran is a total doll. Whoever adopts her is going to have a love for life. She is always happy, and she seems to adjust extremely well to new situations – she absolutely loves car rides. She’s a funny girl – her tongue falls out of her mouth when she’s asleep.. sometimes it takes her a little while to realize that when she wakes up, so she walks around the house with her tongue stuck out :).

She is great around medium-large dogs and seems fine so far around slow-moving dogs and cats. Not sure yet what she would do with a cat running past, it might just be too much temptation to resist. Buttons did walk right on top of her and she did absolutely nothing. When little Jack growled and snapped at her she just walked away.

Check Kierans website at <a href=”http://members.shaw.ca/boscodawg/Kieran” target=”new”>members.shaw.ca/boscodawg/Kieran</a>